We utilize the latest technology in automated microhardness testing equipment.  We can evaluate the hardness of a material in various 

Testing Load/Scales offered

  • HV10

  • HV1

  • HV0.5

  • HK

  • HV1

  • HV0.5


Case Depth & Microhardness Studies

United Technical has a variety of digital microscopes and stereoscopes for both micro & macro examinations.  

With a magnification range up to 1000x we are able to analyze the microstructure of a material.  We can determine grain size, heat treat condition, analyze welds  and so much more.


Metallographic Analysis  

Using advanced Glow Discharge Spectroscopy we are able to determine the chemical composition of a variety of base metals.

Materials offered

  • Low Alloy Steel

  • Tool Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Cast Iron

  • Aluminum

  • Copper

  • Nickel


Chemical Analysis 

United Technical has the ability to examine specimens at extremely high magnifications. The SEM allows for highly detailed images with excellent depth of field.  Allowing use to observe and document fracture surfaces in great detail.


Using EDS technology we are able to perform semi-quantitative chemical analysis of the specimens surface.


  • Secondary Electrons

  • Backscatter 

  • EDS


Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDS Detection

United Technical utilizes  both SEM and Digital 3D imaging to analyze fracture surfaces.  Digital 3D images allow us to map and veiw large fracture surfaces.  Using Z stack technology we can view fracture surfaces with great field of depth.  Once areas of interest are determined we can pinpoint these locations for further analysis in the SEM.

Advanced Fracture & Failure Analysis Lab

UT3576-1-Post Position5-Possible origin

United Technical has three tensile frames each with different capabilities to fit your project needs.

  • Our new MTS Landmark frame can perform Tensile, Compression, & Fatigue testing up to 100ksi.

  • Our large Rehlie hydrolic tensile frame with new digital load cell is capable of testing both tension and compression up to 300ksi​

  • Our small ATS frame is used for small specimins with loads under 10ksi


Tensile/Compression and Proof Load Testing 

United Technical has a digital Tenius Olsen impact tester were we can test our in house machined charpy v notch samples.  We can accommodate test temperatures from   --80° F to room temperature.

Charpy Impact Toughness Testing

United Technical has Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell and other macrohardness testing abilities.

Scales offered:

  • Rockwell C

  • Rockwell B

  • Rockwell A

  • 15N

  • 30N

  • HBW500

  • HBW

Macrohardness Testing

United Technical has automated sawing CNC mill & CNC lathe capabilitis for percision sectioning, machining, and testing of special weld samples.  Utilizing our Engineering, NDT, and Lab departments we are able to offer full turn key solutions for fabricators and other manufactures with PQR, WPS, WQTR, and other important code compliant documentation

Specialized Weld Testing


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